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  • Car came out clean but the rims look untouched

    Guy 2018.07.17

  • They offer value for money as I have compared with other service providers and found their billing reasonable.

    Roger hudson 2018.06.27

  • They offer value for money as I have compared with other service providers and found their billing reasonable.

    Roger Hudson 2018.06.27

  • Untrustworthy and shady, will rip you off given half the chance. If you like being lied to and ripped off, this is the place for you!! Bonus points if you love high pressure tactics while your car is in the air with the wheels off so you are unable to leave!!! I was told they couldn't correct the shimmy that had started just out of Glenrowan because my tyres were 'dangerously worn and cracked', never mind they had been checked by my local guys two weeks prior when I had a slow leak repaired. However I was helpless seeing as I was mid journey and they basically had my car hostage with the wheels off. Gouged me to the tune of over $400 to replace perfectly good Kuhmo tyres because I had the misfortune to come across them after my steering had developed a slight shimmy while driving down the Hume Fwy. The reality is they probably just needed some air but instead I drove out, four hours later, on cheap and nasty Kenda tyres I was charged double the RRP for!! Fun times!! So if you really love being bent over, and throwing away money, give these guys a call, they’ll make your day. It’s been two years since my shafting and I’m still thinking about it.

    Bel 2018.06.24

  • I would highly recommend Tony Carsburg to anyone looking to buy a new / 2nd hand car or any servicing. I have bought a total of 8 cars kover 15 years) from them & have always found their service & pricing second to none.

    Andy Quested 2018.06.20

  • I washed my car this morning 16/05/18 @700 i noticed the time each operation is shortened particularly the last two operations with rinse and blow they are done almost together. My car came out of the wash filthy. It didnt look like it had been cleaned, and it left milky drips and streaks all over my car. I than rang the number for the business and no one answers, it has been busy all day and no ones phone is engaged all day, so whats going on mate i want my money back and i wouldnt darken your doorstep again. Dont go there anyone it has changed and the guy has shortened the cycles to save money i am assuming. You have my email now contact me and give back my $20, and i might pull this scaithing review down.

    Leigh Reilly 2018.05.16

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